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Motorcycle Shipping Rates and Methods

If you have navigated to this article, chances are that you have a bike that you need to ship or purchased one and need it shipped to your location. This can be a very tricky task, and you need to keep the bike’s security and protection in mind for the whole process. First, we’ll discuss how motorsport vehicles are prepared for transport and, then, what you can do to position yourself for the lowest motorcycle shipping rates around! This should help clear any confusion that prevents you from taking action.

Motorsport vehicles are moved only in ways that maximize the protection of the items. Unlike commodities such as bricks or fertilizer, bikes can be knocked and damaged in ways that are much more costly, so it’s not possible to find a good rate without first preparing the item for shipping.

Plywood crates are the most secure package type when done correctly. There are companies that sell collapsible crates for your bike, but you can find a local packer or crating service to do the job for you (or some people build the crates themselves).

When setting out to build a crate, ensure that you follow these essential guidelines so that a trucking carrier can handle your freight without incident:

-Keep some empty space on the bottom of your crate, forming a palletized “tongue”, so that a forklift or pallet jack can easily hoist it.
-Strap your motorcycle down to the wooden platform.
-Prevent the wheels by moving by nailing wood down all around them.
-Consider removing the mirrors or other parts if they impede the crate from closing up.

There are blanket wrap carriers that handle bikes and motorsport vehicles with specialty pallets and unique trailer types. These transport companies will often make use of A-frame pallets that bridge over the top of the bike, protecting it around its top and sides. You may even choose a carrier that uses specially-designed trailers for motorcycles that keep them secure in place by keeping the front wheel still.

Now that you have an idea of how this is done, it’s time to discuss the most important part – the motorcycle shipping rates. Obviously, the best prices will be available if the motorbike is already crated up because the carrier does not have to worry about protecting it. If the carrier has to worry about packaging, costs will be higher, but there are other factors that need to be accounted for like distance to travel and total weight. This may affect how you approach this if you are not very far from the destination.