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Subwoofer Enclosures

Subwoofer enclosures are an essential part of any music lover’s car sound system, because they are affordable and easy-to-install accessories that instantly add bass to your system. But choosing a set is trickier than you think – in fact, there are literally hundreds of ‘low-frequency reinforcement’ subwoofer enclosures to choose from.

Subwoofer enclosures protect your subwoofers and greatly affect sound quality. Generally speaking, you should purchase subwoofers that come subwoofer enclosures, because manufacturers specifically designed the enclosure to compliment your sub. But if you already have subs in place, and just need enclosures, you can find them. All you need to know is how to choose from four different types: tube, ported, sealed or bandpass.

Experts say that each type of enclosure produces a unique sound. Sealed enclosures are found to deliver highly accurate, ‘hard-hitting’ bass sounds. If you do not like a ‘boom’ sound quality, then this type of subwoofer enclosure is perfect for you. It produces a crisp and clean sound for any type of music.

Bandpass subwoofer enclosures, on the other hand, deliver ‘thick’ bass, perfect if you want to listen to loud music. It works really well with certain types of beat such as hip-hop and reggae. But, if you tend to listen to different music genres, then perhaps something a bit more generic is best like the ported subwoofer enclosure. Experts agree that this type is the most versatile. Any kind if music sounds good with it. Ported subwoofer covers also amplify sound, so it’s perfect if you have limited power but want to play loud music.

Finally, there’s the tube subwoofer cover. These types are the ‘basic’ choice – the one you should get if you can’t decide from among the three previously mentioned. Tube subwoofer covers are very compact and complement any type of music beautifully.